For Marketing Agencies and B2B Businesses:

How to Fill Your Pipeline with 6 to 7 Figure Opportunities Every Month Without Wasting Your Time and Money on Manual Outreach and Paid Ads Leveraging Value Conversion Assets.


- Booking Calls Every Month with Your Ideal Clients

- Having an Irresistible Offer that Massively Resonates with your Target Market and that is Hard to say NO to

- Having Value Conversion Assets that position you as an authority and expert in your niche

- Separating yourself from the competition by not being a commodity and offering the same thing as everyone else

- Being able to reach to thousands of your ideal prospects and getting eyeballs on your Value Conversion Assets (VCAs) making it easier to book calls and closing them


1. Market Research and Creating Your ICP(s)

Creating marketing messages that massively resonate with your ideal client and making them a lot more receptive in taking a call.

2. Optimizing Your Offer

An irresistible offer that speaks to your target market and is different from the sea of clones who say and offer the same thing. Making it hard for your prospect to say NO.

3. Creating your Value Conversion Assets (VCAs)

Creating value conversion assets: Video Sales Letter, Case Study Sales Letters, in-depth PDFs/videos breaking down and solving a pain point. Positioning yourself as an expert and authority in your niche. Building trust and booking more calls for you.

4. Building Your Outbound Machine

Creating an automated outbound system to send out high-converting messages to thousands of your ideal prospects


My name is Mark Guerrero and I am the Founder of HyperProgression.As a former appointment setter at a Digital Marketing agency. I saw the struggle of generating qualified calls firsthand. No proper lead generation system place leading to no calls or booked calls with unqualified prospects. Just manual outreach to prospects that looked like their "ideal client."I knew there was a less time-consuming and more scalable way to get on calls with your ideal client..And that’s why I created the Hyper Outbound System. An automated lead generation system that fills your pipeline with 6 to 7 figure sales opportunities with your ideal clients without wasting time on manual outreach and wasting money on paid ads while leveraging Value Conversion Assets.


1. Discovery Call

Hop in a 15 minute discovery call to see where you’re at with your business and if we’re a good fit to work together.

2. Strategy Call

If we're a good fit we'll have schedule a strategy call where we will go over the strategy that I specifically created for your company and you can decide if you want to pull trigger and execute with us.

3. Onboarding Form

You will then fill out an onboarding form. This will be the foundation for your Campaigns and Value-Conversion Assets

4. Kick-Off Call

In this call, I will outline the whole process and timeline of how we’re going to book you calls with your ideal clients. I'll answer any questions and concerns you have.

5. Start Building Outbound Machine

We'll buy and start warming up all your domains getting them ready for outreach.

6. Booking Calls with Your Ideal Clients

After 2 weeks of warming up your domains we'll start sending thousands of outreach messages to your ideal clients.

As A Result:

Filling your pipeline with 6 to 7 figure sales opportunities every month.

So If You're Tired Of:- Outreaching manually for yourself or trying to create your own outbound system- Wasting money on paid ads to yield little no results- Not having a full pipeline with qualified sales opportunities

Click the Button Below and Lets Schedule a Call and See How We can Get Started.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much it will cost?

It varies and truly depends on the client. However, we just charge a very small setup fee + low performance fee for each qualified meeting.

2. How do you filter the performance fee?

The performance fee is charged by qualified booked meetings. Only charged when:A) The prospect shows up on a callB) The prospect is inside of your ICP